At Camas Designs, our motto is “locally sourced happiness”. We primarily source our floral materials from local farms and our artwork is inspired from these same natural surroundings. We believe a direct path to happiness is one with simplicity at its core. When you purchase our floral designs and/or artwork, you bring a bit of that simplicity to your home or event.

Erin Shackelford: Erin is the co-owner of Camas Designs and creates floral arrangements for weddings and special events in the San Juan Islands and greater Seattle area. Partnering with local farmers to capture the beauty of the season, Erin designs with nature, sun, and you as close collaborators. Erin creates designs that embody you, the environment of your event, and the mood you wish to instill within your guests. Erin’s passion is flowers and their ability to convey feelings, emotions, and meanings beyond the realm of words. She has created bouquets for neighbors, friends, and strangers (often anonymously) since she was eight-years-old. After decades in corporate America, Erin’s revelation was her heart is only fulfilled when immersed within the elegance and simplicity of nature. Happiness for Erin is found creating floral designs for others, and whenever possible, sourcing the flowers locally from farmers she calls friends.

Robert Shackelford is the co-owner of Camas Designs and creates artwork and photography inspired by the incredible surroundings of the San Juan Islands and vicinity. Robert combines a background in engineering and science with the beauty of nature in his photography and artwork, sometimes writing complex programs to create pieces of art on his custom made CNC machine using the processing programming language. His love of simple yet complex natural systems inspire his photos of vast landscapes, intricate close-ups (or macros) and the ability to capture some of your spontaneous-precious moments. Robert has spent much of his personal and professional life asking questions about the systems at the core of our environment.  His interest in a variety of disciplines from math, engineering and physics led to a PhD focusing on Chaos Theory and later a Masters Degree in Systems Counseling. See his photography here.