Floral Subscriptions

Do you love fresh flowers?  Do you wish having flowers around the home or office wasn’t just for special occasions? Camas Designs is now teaming with local soil and sunshine to offer twice monthly floral subscriptions.  We’re a certified “Slow Flower” merchant meaning we are committed to designing with flowers that are grown in the United States, primarily from small farms in Oregon and Washington including the San Juan Islands.  We have a size for every budget and our arrangements are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  At Camas Designs, we believe happiness is sourced locally and it is often the simple things that bring the most joy.

Our floral arrangements will be available for in-town (Friday Harbor) pick up/delivery or can be delivered outside town limits (for a small fee).  We’re offering introductory prices on the following sizes through September 2016:

The Buttercup.  This small arrangement in a vase is perfect for your desk or bedside table.  It may be small but its full of luscious blooms from either SJI or small farms from neighboring areas.  Want to arrange it yourself instead? The Buttercup is available as a handheld bouquet tucked inside a reusable bag and tied with a string.  Introductory price of $28 per arrangement.

The Sweet Pea. We work in tandem with nature to create an arrangement that reminds you to appreciate a very special person: you! This arrangement is perfect for your office reception area or as a centerpiece in your home.  It will be filled with seasonal blooms and foliage that brings sunshine inside.  The Sweet Pea starts at the introductory price of $55.00 per arrangement.

The Camas Lily. This larger arrangement is a perfect way to bring an abundance of locally sourced happiness into your entryway, foyer, or dining room. The Camas arrangement is sure to make you stop and smell the roses, or hyacinth, as the case may be and often includes specialty flowers to set it apart.  The Camas starts at the introductory price of $85.00 per arrangement.

The Wild and Majestic. Nature often presents itself big and bold; and there are times you want to follow suit. For these instances, we offer this large custom piece that is sure to fill your home with wild abandon constrained only by elegance. We will customize this arrangement to compliment your unique space with gorgeous blooms, branches and foliage.  We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation.

To begin your semi-monthly subscriptions, call us at 206.437.4993 or contact us here.