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Hello!  I'm Erin...

I'm the owner of Camas Designs. I create floral designs for weddings and special events. My designs embody you, the environment of your event, and the mood you wish to instill within your guests. My passion is flowers and their ability to convey feelings, emotions, and meanings beyond the realm of words. I have created bouquets for neighbors, friends, and strangers (often anonymously) since I was eight years old. After decades in corporate America, my revelation was my heart is most fulfilled when immersed within the elegance and simplicity of nature. Happiness for me is found creating floral designs for others, and whenever possible, sourcing the flowers locally from farmers I call friends.

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One night after returning to the island from my corporate job in Seattle, I drove into our driveway on a pitch-black rainy night and saw this flower cart.  My husband said he had built it for me to remind me of what makes my soul happy.  Usually a self-proclaimed “over thinker”, something clicked in me.  Four days later, I quit my job and started the process of opening Camas Designs.  Many years later, after thousands of flowers, wonderful couples and weddings from California to the far reaches of Washington state, my soul is still happy.

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Flower Sourcing

Camas Designs bridal bouquet-La-Vie-Phot

Our company motto is "locally sourced happiness".  The majority of the flowers we use in our designs are sourced from the wonderful farms of the Pacific Northwest. We're a proud member of the Slow Flower movement and nothing brings us more joy than creating an arrangement and knowing the farmer who grew each bloom. If we're not picking from our Camas Designs cutting garden, chances are the flowers in your bouquet were grown by local farmers who are as passionate about growing as we are about designing.    

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Spreading Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Our flower truck

In 2016, we purchased a retired mail and ice cream truck.  After cosmetic and mechanical upgrades, "Little Miss Sunshine" took to the streets. Whether she is delivering wedding and event flowers or the focal point of one of our pop-up shops, Little Miss Sunshine always bring smiles!

camas designs sunshine truck.jpg

Flower bombs for love...

Giving back

Bringing joy to others is a core part of who we are.  We believe the power of flowers can deeply affect ones soul.  To see someone in a retirement home or hospital receive an unexpected gift of flowers is one of our greatest pleasures. To practice random acts of kindness brings a smile to our face.  We often repurpose flowers from weddings and events so that the joy they bring can continue and maybe, just maybe, we will have brought a smile to someone's day.

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Camas Designs bridal bouquet - La Vie Ph

Camas Designs bridal bouquet

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